June 21, 2017

The Hope Group's One-Click eConfigurator Added To My "Helpful Tools" Page

One of the features on our website that I like to share with people is a page that contains helpful conversion tools. What I have done is taken all of my favorite online conversion calculators and consolidated them on this one page. So, instead of having over twenty links saved in my “favorites”, I have one link saved that showcases them all. (View Mike's Helpful Tools Page)

Although all of the links are helpful, the most recent link I have added is The Hope Group’s One-Click eConfigurator page. This page allows you to identify the component for your application and directs you to a configurator to help you build the correct part you need. Once you configure the component, you can download a CAD file and have someone generate a quote for you based on your configuration. This tool is powered by Parker Hannifin, but The Hope Group’s page has been designed to consolidate a list of popular components, which means, you are basically “One-Click” away from configuring your part.

Save this page to your “favorites”, like I did, for quick access to the conversion tools. I have also listed some helpful catalogs in the right-hand column. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 508-351-1814 or by email (MGardella@SorensenSystems.com).

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