September 20, 2017

Sorensen Systems Designs Aerospace Fluid Control Test Stand

By Mike Gardella
VP Engineering and Manufacturing

One of the case studies I’d like to share with you this month is when Sorensen Systems partnered with a well-known instrument and testing controls manufacturer to help design and build specialized testing equipment for a cooling pump installation intended for high altitude aircraft applications. It is not sufficient to test sample batches of manufactured parts in a critical aerospace engineering environment, especially with sophisticated components. Every single part must receive a full test to certify its fitness in this application.

The test stand for this project included LabVIEW software and electronic devices that were integrated into the structural aluminum machine frame. It was designed to simulate the full range of environmental conditions that would be encountered at high altitudes and under adverse conditions. Critical machine components included flow meters, pressure gauges, heaters, proportional 3-way valves, high watt power supply and a custom fluid tank.

Sorensen Systems worked closely with software and electronic specialists, designed and installed the overall piping and fluid control system, and designed safety enclosures for the operators of the equipment.

For more information about this project, view the case study. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact me at 508-351-1814 or by email (