March 24, 2017

Power Units & Valve Stands are Pretty in Pink

Paul Daniels

Sales Engineer

Have I told you about the hydraulic power units and valve stands that we had to paint pink?

A steel mill in Argentina was about to build its largest combination and rod mill for the production of 500,000 tons per year. The new high-efficiency mill was designed to roll Special Bar Quality products for high-end industrial applications. The combination mill would produce products that range in size from 5.0- to 88.9-mm round, as well as, squares, hexagons, flats and rebar. We were hired to build the HPU’s, manifolds, and lubrication systems.

Unlike other power unit installations we’ve done over the years, this application had to be painted in accordance with international color standards known as RAL. It turns out, the reason for the odd color is for plant safety. The machinery in the plant is color coded to assist emergency personnel in identifying the types of machines during a fire or other event.

The project was a success and I can honestly say, that was the first time we had to order pink paint for the paint shop. Technically the color was called “Heather Violet”, but if you look at the photo below, it is clearly pink. If you would like to read more about this project, check out the entire story on the Sorensen Engineered website.

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