December 23, 2016

Sorensen Systems Provides Oil Drilling Solution to Drilling Company in Cairo, Egypt

Mike Gardella, VP Engineering & Mfg
Sorensen Systems

The Qarun Petroleum Company Relied on Sorensen Systems to Fulfill Their Requirement to Pump Crude Oil from a Drill Site to a Storage Distribution Network.

Qarun Petroleum Company was required to pump the crude oil as part of their expansion of oil production in the deserts of Egypt. As part of their plan, they needed a new onshore eight by six inch telescopic pipeline, 27 miles long, to transport the oil from their Yomna Storage location to Karama Central Processing facilities in western Egypt.

Sorensen Systems designed, developed and manufactured four crude oil pumping stations needed to boost the oil through the pipelines by using an electric motor driven series of three pumps per oil station. Two of the pumps were required to meet the boost requirement and the third serves as a back-up during routine maintenance and unexpected downtime.

Each pump was a compact design allowing for reduced horse power electric motors. Mounting multiple pumps on a single platform increased the volume of the oil that can be transferred. The skids contained motorized screw pumps, lubrication systems, large diameter piping, electronic control cabinets and complete instrumentation.

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Each completed skid was 40 feet long, which was determined as a design requirement to allow the completed pump assembly to fit perfectly into a standard dry-cargo shipping container